Next Stop…NYC!

For the past three years I’ve moved somewhere new during the summer or Fall. In 2014 I hopped on a plane to Thailand for 4.5 months, in 2015 I moved into my best friend’s family home to be in San Francisco, last year I packed up for ten months in the South. In just about one month I have a one way ticket to New York City (technically to Newark, NJ).

I was so excited to be back in California after 9 months in Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, and Tennessee, but the moment I got back was nothing like I thought it would be. The weeks following were full of disappointment and longing for something different. I couldn’t find a job doing what I wanted to do, my heart didn’t fill with joy walking through SF like it used to, and I didn’t have anything to push through the not so great times to look forward to. So I bought a ticket to visit my boyfriend in New Jersey and applied to some positions in New York City. I spent some time exploring New York by myself, being lazy in New Jersey, and going out with friends. I felt a lot better being out there and when I got an email the day before I left saying I was accepted to two positions out there doing exactly what I wanted, I knew I had to say yes. 

Its funny how things work. I left AmeriCorps feeling like I might’ve just wasted a year of my life. That experience might have pushed me backwards a little bit. I knew I didn’t regret it because I met some incredible people. People I never would’ve met had I stayed in California, but I couldn’t see what purpose it could have possibly served me besides that. Now I know that was the most important thing it could’ve done for me. So I am building off of that experience by moving in with my very best friend. I will be in a new city, but still be around familiar faces, and I am so excited. 

Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense until a long time afterwards, but every experience stacks on top of eachother to build a beautiful and rewarding life. Keep pushing, keep taking risks, and keep reflecting. 


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