My 22nd Year

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday so I thought I’d reflect on the things I’m most grateful to have experienced at 22. 

1. Traveling the south – I would have never imagined coming to the South for the extensive period that I have this year, but it has been amazing to see new places and learn so much about our history as Americans. 

2. Being a mentor – I acted as a mentor for the class below me the quarter after I graduated college. It brought me closer to my favorite professor and some of my amazing classmates.

3. Disaster response – Responding to the Baton Rouge Floods and Gatlinburg Wildfires has been such a privilege. I would have never been aware of the disaster system in this country without it and I have been changed forever for those experiences. 

4. New friends – Being in AmeriCorps has provided me the opportunity to make new friends from all over the country who have inspired me and pushed me to my limits. I have made friends through this program who I would have never met otherwise and I’m incredibly grateful for that. 

5. Iziah Thompson – Never have I ever met a person with as curious of a mind as him. Falling in love with him this past year has been the greatest part. 

I’m ready to take on this next year of my life which at this point is completely full of unknowns. Let’s dive right in!


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