Creative Connection

In one week I will have been in this program for eight months. What a long trip it has been. Highs and lows seem to come more often and I’ve found myself exhausted every day on this new project with Habitat for Humanity. One thing that I’ve felt the need to exercise more often to counteract the negativity is my creativity. For eight months I’ve worn the same ten or so pieces of clothing, I’ve slept in bare-walled rooms, and days off have been few and far between. I never realized how important simple things like scrolling through pictures on the internet, getting dressed, making bracelets, or taking photos with my camera are to me. Constantly being on the road doing volunteer work creates some limitations, but I’ve adapted. For Valentine’s Day I received a notebook with some watercolor paints from my ever so wonderful boyfriend, who also got me a coloring book during a weekly trip to Wal-mart. I’ve bought some markers and paper to make little origami hearts, and I continue to try and post a photo a day on my tumblr. 


With these new urges to create I’ve kept wondering why its always at the forefront of my mind. What essential role does creativity play that I can’t seem to get by without it? I’ve been talking about it in a more artistic expression, but creativity can be seen many different ways. It can be seen through journalism, being flexible in a complex situation, the way you spend your money, and other every day tasks. According to Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, creativity is in the fourth of five rungs. Therefore its not really that necessary in the general scheme of things. But I personally believe creativity is a way to connect the individual self to the rest of the world. For me its how I get whats in my mind out. I’m a very aesthetic person so capturing a picturesque scene or being in a space that has pretty things on the walls creates a sense of satisfaction and safety that I belong and who I am is part of my external space and essentially the world around me. 

How do you express your creativity and what does it mean to you?


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