City Dreaming

Every once in awhile I have this dream of living in a tiny house in the forest with my own food garden and trails in my backyard. I imagine being surrounded by redwoods with the faint sound of running water in the distance. But then I spend a day in a city and realize that I feel this limitlessness and excitement when I’m in a big city. 

Cities are so rich with intricate histories and purpose. People from every walk of life come together to work and play there. Between three city blocks you can go from a residential neighborhood to the middle of all the hustle and bustle. There is so much to learn and see that I constantly feel inspired and ready.

I’ve spent this last week in and out of New York City and it was almost meditative for me. Being able to walk through the city blocks, look up at the skyscrapers, and decide to do something on a whim and just go. It made me miss my city, San Francisco, so incredibly much. 



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