Expressing Gratitude

This was the very first Thanksgiving where I wasn’t the first one to bring up the violence and genocide that the holiday is rooted in. For that reason alone I am extremely grateful for the few teammates of mine who’s minds are open and compassionate to the histories and realities of all the different people we share this country and world with. 

Before and after hearing a compliment

The good part about this holiday though is that it’s one day where people tend to focus on what they’re grateful for and I can’t complain about that aspect. I find gratitude to be extremely important and expressing it is something people don’t do enough of. In college I facilitated gratitude circles weekly and it was always a wonderful hour of strangers coming together expressing positive thoughts about themselves and others through gratitude. When you take a moment to realize what you’re grateful for whether it is materialistic or not, this grounding effect tends to happen. I feel it brings me to the present and roots me in reality. 

Take a moment to express your gratitude weekly whether it be with a little love note to a friend (thanks Taylor), a facilitated activity with others, during a meditation, written down, or slipped casually into conversation. It’ll inject some positivity into your life, I promise! 


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