When you spend the kind of time with a person that I spend with people here, a whole new world opens. By the time you have a judgment about who they are it all changes because you live with them and you see how messy they are or how important it is that they call their family every night. You go to work with them when they’re in a good mood and happy as can be, and a week later you know immediately when you sit down to breakfast with them what type of mood they’re in. I feel like being thrown into this situation and embracing it whole-heartedly says a lot about the people here. Living, eating, working, hanging out with, playing sports with, and just existing next to the same 9 people for the last three months has filled me with joy about how good each and every one of them is. We each have our bad days where we cuss at one another, refuse to work, or just shut each other out. But when it comes down to it we have such a strong support system. I am grateful beyond words for my team and for Chloe and Taylor even though I let them slip through the cracks sometimes. 

Essentially I’m trying to say that people here have good souls and while it’s not always noticeable at first it’s important to remember. I strive to spend each day with kindness behind my actions and I’m lucky enough to say that I’m surrounded by people who inspire me to do so. 


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